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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bones Drying in the Sun

Illustration courtesy of  leadership-quotes.org

that's why we optimistically  call them 'leaders'."

It shouldn't really come as a surprise to anyone that stupid, stubborn, and devious people exist in all walks of life; sadly, --even those in 'revered '  career positions such as 'puppeteering  leadership.
 Leaders are supposed to be just a little better at making superior decisions for the good of all than we might expect from  grade VI students, but are they?
 Here's a hint;  that's why we optimistically  call them 'leaders'. 

Perhaps one should not be so quick to assign labels to individuals in  stasis, the modern equivalents of victims and party-attendees  in  "Alice in wonderland".  

The Mad Hatter comes to mind immediately, and we have to  wonder why we have, indeed, fallen down the rabbit  hole. Let's head over to the Tea Party. No matter.

Leaders. We  willingly elect them,  at times only to be handily ignored. Not surprising, since we are not 'big money'.  Subsequently we may  become disenchanted with being  disenfranchised, accorded little respect, or even subjugated to authoritarian rule. Our so-called inalienable rights  are diminished, ignored and even eliminated at will.

What do we do?  Participate in  murder and mayhem?  Go viral and lunar like Middle East countries have demonstrated?  Raise a warning  finger flag of discontent? Watch the  planned destruction of societal values, common sense and say nothing? Shall we collectively watch a few arrogant souls practicing self-directed egotism,  domineering decision-making  and  self-entitlement in silence?   Wait, perhaps condone  the enrichment of friends and hope you get a share,  you say?   Suffer the subtle, then increasingly blatant abuse of power?  Become veritable sheep not only to be slaughtered, but first fleeced? 

Enough already.  Shall we stand up, count to ten and ask civilized questions instead?

 For any given question, the correct answer(s) you eventually wrest from the powerful with much effort might not be the ones you expect because both liars and  Murphy are involved.
 If  political corruption can get worse, you can almost bet  your life and paycheck it will.  Political abuse-- and the abuse of power is only the tip of the iceberg and usually suggests  the devious are sharpening the thin edge of the constitutional axe.
The fact is, in apathy, we carelessly yield an inch and are 'indignant and surprised' when  the opportunistic  take a mile. Pork-barrel gluttony and hidden agendas are  always much bigger than we are allowed to see.   What to do?
I offer my answers for your entertainment , but you're the reader, you  decide. For example, on an individual scale:
Q:      Shall we disrespect individuals and politicians that ignore and disrespect democratic process, ignoring the democratic vote and the  practice of  democratic process? 
 A:       I say Yes, ---but let us qualify thatDisrespect what they are doing, rather than the individuals themselves.    Why?   With open minds, (theirs)  guidance and encouragement,  human beings--yes,  --even politicians-- can learn to see the error of their ways and become sterling examples of honesty, justice, good governance, and apple pie.  Likely?  Not really, although water is also expected to run uphill at times. Worse yet, rotten apples spoil the collective pie. 

Q Should we  disrespect and reprimand  political parties as organizations  that harbour violations traitors to of the democratic process?  
A:  Yes.  It may be a surprise to learn  is our inherent duty to ensure that individuals and associations  of the  like-minded evil traitors are taught by their constituents that we, as a society, demand democracy.

 Are politicians  avid students?  No. Most are opportunistic recalcitrant lawyers truants that happily skip classes, stealing snitching the apple off of the teacher's desk on the way out to play hookey  and smoke pot and eat magic mushrooms so they can conjure up new visions tricky hallucinations, self-serving versions of governance. Beware, Alice.
 What's the fix?  You decide. Have your own Tea Party.  Park the old party. Get new membership..Rename the party. Turn left.  Swing right.  Hang'em high like in the old west. Impeach the president. Send the Prime Minister to China. Stand all offending stupid dunces in the corner until next year.  Make them all write lines:  "I will respect democracy" on the blackboard  a few hundred trillion times. 

 Clearly, we should be aware of and disrespect vehemently political ideology, however dogmatically labeled , that  thwarts due democratic process and believes it is somehow justifiable.
 Warning Symptoms of stupidity in politics specifically include: 
  •  fabricating  broad-brushed omnibus legislation hiding  embarrassingly unacceptable and  controversial 'sections, sub-sections, phrases, and assorted parts' ;
  •   refusal to vote for the clear wishes of constituents instead of arrogantly and stupidly supporting 'party line' and policy;  
  •   the arbitrary commandeering of  the democratic process by navel-gazing anally-preoccupied control-freaks  in  bureaucracy;
  •   the installation of self-enchanted delusional  individuals or any  collective  entity with a predetermined, stubborn, questionable,  devious or contrary  hateful agenda;
  •  a record of  political action that reeks of favoritism, cronyism,  lobbyists and  big money;
  •  a blatant disregard for logic  on major issues;
  •  disregard for the environment even perpetrators and the liars themselves politicians must live in;
  • Ministers, senators, and others that do not know what their legislation implies; 
  •  evasion,  silence and non-response to direct questions about their lies and trickery;
  • a blatant disregard for the national economic fallout of projects dominated by self-interest and the 'building of a legacy'
  • Lack of honesty regarding the environmental consequences of major resource extraction projects;
  • keep adding to this list, it is growing faster than Pinocchio's nose

At Incoming Bytes  the  "North American Big Political Machine" is on notice that  we have absolutely  no respect for, and will not support  political ideology in  North America or anywhere else on earth--that runs  on big money lies, deceit, corporate greed, cronyism,  illegal crap, and  hallucinations does not respect the inalienable rights, interests and  constituent wishes of people first. We believe in the INTEGRAL NECESSITY  of honesty, transparency and a dedicated, fair  democratic process.

Think about it.  History proves it is the abuse of political power that causes  self-destruction of governments. Have the recent lessons of failed dictatorships around the globe  been lost upon you?  Do bones already drying in the sun mean nothing ? 
You decide.  

Is that incoming I hear?